Janelle Monae’s suits have nothing to do with ‘respectability politics’


Janelle Monae has hit back at claims she wears suits on the red carpet because of “respectability politics”.

Singer and actress Janelle has become known for her tailored get ups, and recently stepped out in suits by Christian Siriano and Wolk Morais.

Although her current style preference is for covering up, Janelle has no problem with women wearing more revealing garments.

“People used me to shame other women who wore clothes which showed skin. They thought I was dressed in suits because of respectability politics, but that’s a lie,” she vented to Fault magazine.

“I’ve always been about women being in control of their narrative and their bodies. If the whole world were wearing suits and tuxedos, I’d be naked!”

It’s not just Janelle’s designer suits that have got people talking recently – the trousers the 32-year-old wears in the video for her new single Pynk have also raised eyebrows.

The pink pants that she and her dancers wear resemble a woman’s most intimate area, with many dubbing the garment “vagina trousers”.