Janet Jackson: Secret Agent Wife!

The CIA’s got nothing on Janet Jackson. That woman can keep a secret. Remember last year when the superstar popster announced that she was ending her 13-year-long “personal relationship” with collaborator Rene Elizondo? What she didn’t mention was that Elizondo was also her husband.

How’d we learn about this little item? The old-fashioned way — by reading that Elizondo filed for divorce today, ending a marriage we didn’t even know existed.

Like we said, that Janet Jackson is good.

According to Elizondo’s paperwork, the two wed in March 1991 at their home San Diego-area home. They separated in January 1999. And, rest assured, Elizondo says, they have no secret children.

In the divorce petition, Elizondo says the marriage was deep-sixed by the ol’ “irreconcilable differences.” (He thought they were married; she didn’t?)

A Jackson-Elizondo union had been hinted at over the years, mostly by Janet‘s older sister LaToya (but whoever listens to LaToya?)

In keeping with her M.O., there’s been no public comment on the Big D yet from the 34-year-old Jackson. The singer/actress previously wed singer James DeBarge (of the all-in-the-family band DeBarge) in 1984, only to have the thing annulled before the press knew any better.

Jackson will next be seen on the big screen in “Nutty Professor 2: The Klumps,” opening July 28.