Janice Dickinson: ‘I Was Fired from Tyra Banks’ Show’

Former supermodel Janice Dickinson has declared she was fired from her role as
a judge on Tyra BanksAmerica’s Next Top Model, shooting down claims she
walked away from the reality show.

Earlier this year, it had been announced that British beauty Twiggy
would be replacing tough-talking Dickinson, who fans believed had left the show
to star in the latest season of the hit reality series The Surreal Life.

But Dickinson now explains to Radar magazine, “I got fired. At first it was a
trip. I believed in the show and it was fun. But after a few episodes I began
getting labeled a bitch, and that got to me.

“I was just telling the truth and I was saving these girls from going out
there and being told that they’re too short, too fat, their skin’s not good
enough. I was to America’s Next Top Model what Simon Cowell is to American Idol.

“I’d rather be an honest bitch than some a*s-kissing, sugar-coating,
namby-pamby, wiping-a*s motherf***er. I made the show number one in 52
countries. And then I got the sack, and the UPN executives replaced me with
Twiggy. No one in America knows who Twiggy is. There’s no way anyone could fill
my shoes. There’s no way.”

She adds of her former colleague, “Tyra’s no walk in the park. Tyra’s really

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Dickinson has also shocked her fans and contemporaries by
claiming she was partly responsible for the death of her father, who she claims
was a pedophile.

Dickinson initially made the accusation in her 2002 autobiography–No Lifeguard on Duty: The Accidental Life of the World’s First Supermodel–but fans paid more attention to the revelations about her long list of conquest including Sylvester Stallone, Jack Nicholson, Warren Beatty, Mick Jagger and Bruce Willis.

But during a recent appearance on reality show The Surreal Life, the
outspoken 50-year-old broke down as she told her cast mates, “My father was a
pedophile. He was a dark, angry guy. Being forced to have a pedophile for a
father is probably the most horrible thing that can happen to a child, bar

“I survived a monster… Sixteen years I was forced to keep the secret… If
I ever (exposed) my pedophile father I would’ve been murdered. So you know
what he did instead? He beat me on a daily basis.”

And in a recent interview with Radar magazine, Dickinson made another
shocking revelation: “I threw his heart medication pills out the car window,
and he had a heart attack that night and died. By the time I wrote the book,
the statute of limitations was up.

“I’ve had a tough life. I walked some of the hardest pavements in the world
to become a model, and that’s why I’m entitled to say the things I do.”

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