Jared Leto was all woman all the time for Dallas Buyers Club experience

Actor Jared Leto was so determined to nail his role as an HIV-positive transgender woman in the Dallas Buyers Club he made his director feel terribly uncomfortable as filming began – because he turned up to work dressed as a female. Jean-Marc Vallee admits he wasn’t prepared for the extremes the rocker/actor went to to stay in character and admits his gender-bending techniques were more than a little odd at first.
He tells Rolling Stone, “He got off the plane in a dress and high heels and a wig. The first week was awkward, because I didn’t know what to call him. Her? Jared? (character name) Rayon? But I got into it.
“He was a she, and she was nice. At the end of the shoot, I gave her a female gift – a woman’s T-shirt with Marc Bolan on it.”