Jason Biggs ready to have a family

Actor Jason Biggs and his wife are eager to start a family after five years of marriage. The American Pie star is whisking Jenny Mollen to Hawaii to mark the anniversary on Tuesday (23Apr13) and he admits they are finally thinking about kids.
He tells UsMagazine.com, “We’re right in that zone. That’s our next step. We figure we’ve been married five years next week, so we figure now it’s about that time. I’m ready!”
Biggs, 34, reveals he’s surprised himself by making his marriage work so well, although the couple continues to learn new things about one another every day.
He says, “That we made it to five years is in and of itself pretty amazing. We’re still learning so much about each other. In a good way, because we’re learning so much about ourselves. You think you’re all grown up and you get married and you’re like, ‘Wait a second – it’s not just about me anymore! I can’t just be selfish.’ There’s a relationship, and you learn to operate and think differently. And I imagine that’s all going to get flipped, and turned upside down with a kid. I’ll keep you posted!”