Javier Bardem: ‘It’s a joke that Trump doesn’t believe in climate change’

Hollywood actor Javier Bardem has slammed U.S. President Donald Trump for his refusal to believe in climate change.
The actor, who is a Greenpeace activist, has been to see the state of the Antarctic for himself and in an interview with U.K. breakfast TV show Good Morning Britain (GMB), he shared his fears over the state of the planet’s oceans and his disbelief that Trump thinks climate change isn’t real.
“I’m a father of two kids, eight and six, and you don’t want to alert or put them under the anxiety of telling them the world is going to collapse, but when they tell you that even down there (in the Antarctic) are particles of plastic floating in the water, you just get crazy and say what are we doing, how can we stop this?” the No Country for Old Men star told interviewer Ross King.
Speaking about Trump, who doesn’t believe the claims made by scientists about the potentially devastating impact of climate change, Bardem called his opinion “a joke”.
“I mean that’s a joke, who today doesn’t believe that is true?,” he said. “Look at the weather, look at this climate change and climate catastrophes, if you want to deny that, it’s because of economical interests there is no other reason to do so.”
On Monday (19Aug19), the Oscar-winner made an impassioned plea on behalf of Greenpeace at the United Nations’ (UN) headquarters in New York to save the world’s oceans.
The Spaniard called on world leaders to agree to a treaty that would protect at least 30 per cent of seas by 2030.
“We just can’t afford to get it wrong,” the 50-year-old actor, who is married to Penelope Cruz, told the intergovernmental meeting. “Whatever happens during this conference will have a deep impact on the life of our oceans and on the future of humankind.”