Jazz great Jimmy Scott dead at 88

Jazz great Jimmy Scott has died at the age of 88. The singer passed away in his sleep on Thursday (12Jun14) at his home in Las Vegas.
Born in Ohio, Scott began performing professionally in the late 1940s and enjoyed R&B chart success in America in 1950 with Everybody’s Somebody’s Fool.
He enjoyed sporadic success in the 1950s and then signed to Ray Charles’ Tangerine Records, where he released Falling In Love Is Wonderful in 1963.
His success was short-lived and, by the mid-1970s, he had returned to Cleveland, Ohio, where he worked as a shipping clerk and an elevator operator, among other things, according to Billboard.com.
Scott enjoyed a career resurgence in the early 1990s when he appeared in the finale of David Lynch’s TV drama Twin peaks and released a Grammy-nominated comeback album, titled All the Way.
He went on to release the acclaimed albums Dream and Heaven, and recorded Holding Back the Years, which featured his renditions of songs by the likes of John Lennon and Elton John.
Scott suffered from a rare genetic condition, known as Kallmann’s syndrome, which left him small in stature and gave him a permanently youthful appearance and the nickname Little Jimmy Scott.
He moved from Cleveland to Las Vegas in 2007 for health reasons.