Jeffrey Dean Morgan wary of antique finds after creepy film

In the movie, which shot to number one in the U.S. over the weekend (31Aug-02Sep12), the Watchmen star plays the father of a young girl who becomes possessed by a demon after buying an ancient box at a neighbourhood sale.

And he admits the film’s Divick box gave him the creeps.

He tells WENN, “I live in upstate New York, out in the woods, so I go to salvage yards, like barn sales, where I buy windows and install them to my out buildings.

“I do weird things like that, but I’ve yet to find a Divick box. And if I did, I wouldn’t buy it. The Divick and demons that are trapped in the box has been around for hundreds of years. All that aspect of the movie is accurate.

“The research I did about the box was enough for me to know better, so if I see any boxes with Hebrew scripture written on it, I would stay very far away from that. Why tempt fate?”