Jennifer Aniston Tackles Gravity with Melissa McCarthy on JImmy Kimmel Live


Jennifer Aniston was manhandled by pal Melissa McCarthy on Thursday (07Dec17) as the two stars debated gravity.

Introduced as Junifer Ooniston, the former Friends star, joined McCarthy as she guest hosted Jimmy Kimmel Live, and offered up a theory that gravity is “fake news”.

As she tried to dismiss the Ghostbusters star’s crazy theories, McCarthy grabbed Aniston and picked her up, shaking and spinning her as she held the actress in her arms.

The guest host then asked, “If gravity isn’t a hoax then why are you floating right now,” as Aniston was hoisted into the air.

“I dunno, because you put a harness on me during that fake tussle,” her exasperated guest replied.
“Why are you afraid to hear both sides?” Melissa asked, prompting an annoyed Aniston to respond, “Because there are no both sides! If there is no gravity, why are you still on the ground?”

McCarthy explained she has one of her legs “tied to an anvil at all times”, adding, “I bet you feel pretty stupid now, Jennifer.”

The funnywoman then pushed a swinging Aniston as the actress continued to protest, demanding to be set down.