Jennifer Garner spends a day at charity children’s centre for immigrants

Jennifer Garner has been brushing up on her Spanish by reading to undocumented children at a charity centre for migrant families along America’s southern border.
The Dallas Buyers Club star is a trustee and ambassador for global non-profit Save the Children, and she recently travelled to Deming, New Mexico to spend time with immigrants at one of the organisation’s new Child Friendly Spaces (CFS).
The areas were set up at two transit centres, where parents and kids released from U.S. government detention facilities are invited to relax and recuperate before continuing their journeys to their sponsors, typically relatives lawfully living in the country who have the means to support the extended family members while they await an update on their immigration status.
During her visit, Garner joined trained volunteers in reading, playing music, and doing art projects with youngsters to help them recover from the trauma of their experiences, and she used the opportunity to test her language skills to better connect with the children.
Admitting she was thrilled that they had “no idea” who she was, Garner quipped, “They don’t even care that I can’t speak Spanish!”
“I get to see the beauty of kids in the worst circumstances,” she explained to NBC News. “They’ve gone without baths, without food, without medical care, and they’re here, happy to listen to me butcher Goodnight Moon, because they’re children.”
The CFS centres provide youths with a safe place to play and become kids again, and Garner, a mother-of-three, is fully supportive of the new programme, upon which charity officials hope to expand.
“Imagine what the kids have been through on their way to this facility that this is the best thing that’s happened to them…,” Garner said.
The actress isn’t alone in voicing her concerns for vulnerable immigrants who travel to the U.S. through Mexico in search of a better life – Eva Longoria, Kerry Washington, Rosario Dawson, and Zoe Saldana are among the stars who have all previously spoken out against President Donald Trump and his administration’s poor treatment of illegal immigrants along the southern border.