Jennifer Hudson Struggling with ‘The Voice’ As She Jets Between Shows in the U.K. and U.S.


Jennifer Hudson is struggling to remember all her international The Voice contestants as she shuttles between shows in the U.S. and the U.K.

The Oscar-winning singer is in the final stages of the talent show in America, while taping the early rounds for the upcoming season of the show in Britain, and she admits the back and forth between the two countries is taking its toll.

“I’m being dragged by the face by both of them,” she tells Ellen DeGeneres. “The U.S. is in the lives and the U.K. is being pre-taped. Sometimes I get confused. I’m like, ‘Which coach is sitting next to me? Where am I?’

“The other day when I was in the U.K. I was looking at the other coaches’ contestants, like, ‘I ain’t never seen these people before…!’ It took me a minute.”

Hudson has started a new tradition on the long-running talent show of throwing a shoe at a performer she really likes, insisting it’s a huge sign of approval.

“Music, it moves me and you might catch a shoe…,” she explains. “I might have to take another coach’s shoe… Gimme something. Whatever’s in front of me, it might go flying across the room when they’re singing just that good.

“If I take my shoe off for you, you are doing something special…,” she adds, revealing she gives singers on the show fair warning she might be throwing footwear at them.

“I let them (singers) know, ‘Be prepared to duck!’ It’s a compliment even if you do get knocked out!”