Jennifer Lawrence Hijacks Plane Tannoy to Cheer on Philadelphia Eagles

Jennifer Lawrence Hijacks Plane Tannoy to Cheer on Philadelphia Eagles


Jennifer Lawrence took over a plane’s intercom system to lead a chant in support of the Philadelphia Eagles ahead of their Super Bowl LII game against the New England Patriots on Sunday (04Feb18).

In a video posted on Twitter by her friend, the 27-year-old Mother! actress attempted to rally support on board her flight by jumping onto the plane’s communications device soon after the flight attendant went into the bathroom.

“Everybody, this is not the pilot speaking. This is Jennifer Lawrence,” she said, speaking to her fellow passengers. “It’s February 4th, Super Bowl Sunday, and we all know what that means. Can I please get a ‘fly eagles fly’? Fly, eagles fly! Fly, eagles fly!”, she asked, urging them to join in.

Following a decidedly lukewarm response, with most people still sat with their headphones on ignoring Jennifer, the Hunger Games star changed tack, borrowing a line from movie Bridesmaids.

“There’s a colonial woman on the plane, she’s wearing traditional…”, before she was interrupted by the air hostess who emerged from the toilet to tell her off.

While Jennifer’s attempt to rouse support for the Eagles didn’t receive the most emphatic response, some passengers managed to see the funny side.

“I knew she was on this flight because I saw her at the airport,” one traveller later told “They certainly didn’t apologize, so I think they were fine with it,” the passenger said, adding that Jennifer happily posed for selfies while on the flight. “It was just like a fun, spontaneous chant by Jennifer Lawrence that we definitely appreciated.

“I think everyone just went along with it, since flights are so boring.”

The Passengers star’s in-flight takeover wasn’t the actress’ only speaking engagement that weekend.

On Saturday, the Oscar-winning actress was one of the celebrity guest speakers at Unrig The System in New Orleans, Louisiana, an event featuring speakers from both sides of the political divide discussing how to remove corruption from politics.