Jennifer Lopez’s Brush With the Law

Trouble for actress Jennifer Lopez (“Out of Sight”) and boyfriend/rap mogul Sean “Puffy” Combs in New York as police quizzed the pair this morning in the wake of a Times Square nightclub shooting.

Lopez, 29, was questioned but later released with no charges pending, New York police said. Officials initially indicated Lopez had been arrested on a weapons charge. But the star’s lawyer told reporters Lopez was not charged- “She had nothing to do with any gun. Nothing to do with any shooting.” Combs, meanwhile, remained under suspicion on charges of criminal possession of an allegedly stolen handgun.

The Lopez-Combs scandal came as police investigate an incident that left three people-one woman and two men-wounded at Manhattan’s Club NY, NYPD Detective John Giammarino says. The incident occurred at about 2:30 a.m. (ET). According to reports, eyewitnesses have pegged Combs, whose rap handle is Puff Daddy, as the shooter.

Combs and Lopez were stopped by police at about 2:50 a.m., Giammarino said. They were riding in a Jeep spotted leaving the scene, he said. Police found a pistol in the vehicle, Giammarino said. The gun was not registered to any of the occupants of the Jeep-Combs, Lopez and two unidentified others-and was reported stolen from Georgia. The four were taken to a police station for questioning. Combs and the two others (but not Lopez) were said to be facing charges.

There was no word on a motive for the nightclub shooting. None of the injuries were said to be serious. The victims were a 29-year-old woman (shot in the face), a 27-year-old man (shot in the shoulder), and a 39-year-old man (shot in the shoulder), Giamarrino said. No word on their identities.

This is Combs’ second scrape with the law this year. In September, he was sentenced to a day’s worth of anger-management counseling for his role in the roughing up (via a champagne bottle, a chair and a telephone) of a music executive.

Lopez and Combs have been a romantic item for more than a year. He is the founder of Bad Boy Records, home to rap acts such as the dead, but still-hot Notorious B.I.G. She is the star of films such as “Out of Sight,” “Selena” and “Anaconda.”

With Combs’ help, Lopez released her first album this year, “On the 6,” featuring the hit, “If You Had My Love.”

Another track in that collection: “Should’ve Never.”