Jennifer Lopez Too Demanding for Low Budget Movie

Jennifer Lopez is so unhappy with her accommodation and on set trailer while
filming Bordertown, she has demanded a luxury motor home and a private villa.

The Maid in Manhattan beauty is starring in the low budget movie shooting in
Mexico as a favour to director Gregory Nava, who made her breakthrough film
Selena, but she still demands to live in luxury.

An insider tells, “She doesn’t realize this is an independent
Movie–as in no studio is attached–and there is no one to pay her outrageous

And her superstar requirements don’t stop there. Lopez is determined her
hairdresser Oribe’s $10,000-a-day charge be taken out of Bordertown‘s
budget, according to the gossip website.

The source continues, “The s**t is going to hit the fan when she is told no
one can pay for Oribe… (Co-star) Antonio Banderas isn’t asking for anything,
but she is!”

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