Jennifer Lopez won’t ‘pressure’ Alex Rodriguez for a commitment ring


Jennifer Lopez won’t “pressure” her boyfriend Alex Rodriguez for an engagement ring.

The superstar has been dating the former New York Yankees baseball player since February 2017, with the pair frequently sharing sweet posts about their relationship on social media.

But during an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday night (09May18), Jennifer, who has been married three times previously, shared that she wasn’t expecting another ring.

“El Anillo means the ring,” she said of her newly released song, before gesturing to her ring finger. Host Jimmy then asked, “Alex are you watching?” To which Jennifer replied: “No pressure!”
She then explained that El Anillo was an anthem for women in relationships who are awaiting serious commitment or even a sparkly engagement ring.

“The song is definitely about that. I felt like it was something that women get. (We get to a point where we say), ‘We’re good, everything’s great, what’s going on? Am I staying or am I going?'” the 48-year-old smiled to Jimmy. “I feel like you know very quickly. The rest is like (men) just being scared and whatever. But don’t go by me, I’ve made tonnes of mistakes!”

During the interview, Jennifer also spoke about one of Alex’s quirks – his ability to drop sport idioms into just about every single conversation.

“It’s baseball day and night, night and day,” she laughed. “I’m like, ‘Baby, what time do you think you’re going to be home?’ He says, ‘Right now, I’m in the seventh inning of the meeting.’ So, is that like 20 minutes? I don’t know. He’s like, ‘Keep your head in the game.’ All the time.”