Jennifer Love Hewitt: Canceled?!?

Can they do this to Jennifer Love Hewitt? Can they deprive a leading Generation Y icon of her weekly network TV outlet? Apparently so.

Fox today announced its new fall schedule, and Hewitt’s show — the “Party of Five” spinoff “Time of Your Life” — wasn’t on it. The network won’t tell you what that means.

We will. She got axed.

Oh, the fates they can be cruel.

Was it only yesterday — or perhaps 15 minutes ago — that the one they call Love was the leading lady of her era?

Oh, well. Next!

Overall, Fox will introduce nine new series, including “The X-Files” spinoff, “The Lone Gunmen;” a new (untitled) drama from Writer Inc. Michael Crichton; a new school drama from Producer Inc. David E. Kelley, “Boston Public;” and “The $treet,” one of those young-people-today dramas that networks think are really cool until they realize nobody else does and they cancel the thing three weeks later (see: “Wasteland,” “The Heights,” “The Round Table,” etc.).

Other shows getting pink-slipped by the network are: the young-people-today drama “Get Real” and the animated comedy “Family Guy.”

Here’s a night-by-night look at the overhauled Fox:

SUNDAY: “Futurama,” “King of the Hill,” “The Simpsons,” “Malcolm in the Middle,” “The X-Files” MONDAY: “BOSTON PUBLIC,” “Ally McBeal” TUESDAY: “That ’70s Show,” “Titus,” “DARK ANGEL” WEDNESDAY: “DON’T ASK,” “SCHIMMEL,” “THE $TREET” THURSDAY: “THE LONE GUNMEN,” UNTITLED MICHAEL CRICHTON PROJECT FRIDAY: “FEARSUM,” “Night Visions” SATURDAY: “Cops,” “America’s Most Wanted: America Fights Back”