Jennifer Love Hewitt: ‘H&M Bosses Have Done Moss a Favor’

Hollywood actress Jennifer Love Hewitt believes bosses at fashion retail chain
H&M have done Kate Moss “a favor” by dumping her as the company’s

Moss lost her $1.8 million contract with H&M yesterday,
following allegations of drug-taking, and fashion giant Chanel
followed suit today, announcing it has “no plan” to renew her
contract when it ends next month.

And I Know What You Did Last Summer star Hewitt believes the action will
prompt Moss to get help.

She says, “I have to say that I think maybe they did her a favor, and maybe
she’ll actually get help. Coffee’s one thing, but coke is another. It’s not
something you want to really have as a problem in your life.

“I think we have to kind of stop rewarding bad behavior and actually start
helping people.

“You know when you’re out in public that there are gonna be people
watching you, so you should just try to act like somebody that you would wanna
be proud of if they get a photo of you. Not that you should always feel like
you’re always working, but it goes with the job, I think.”

The woes for Moss began when a photograph appeared in British newspaper the
Daily Mirror last Thursday showing the model snorting what appeared
to be cocaine.

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