Jenny Slate feared she had ‘mouth rot’ after eating too many chips


Jenny Slate once feared she had “mouth rot” after eating too many potato chips.

The Venom actress made an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Monday night (01Oct18) where she shared that she feels like she is now firmly in her “adulthood” and is trying to “pull back” from smoking marijuana “constantly”.

However, Jenny explained that she recently got so high that she didn’t realize she had cut her mouth while snacking on chips.

“I smoked the weed, I ate a bunch of potato chips, and I was putting them in really quickly because it was more than the munchies… and one went in the long way and I was like, ‘Owww!’ And then I passed out because I’m weak,” she recalled. “I wake up the next morning, I’d forgotten about the chip accident. So, I was like, ‘I have mouth rot, that’s what this is.’ There was a wound, I couldn’t see it.”

Not knowing why her mouth was hurting, Jenny made an appointment at a new dental surgery.
But she instantly regretted showing up in her pyjamas when she was introduced to her very handsome dentist.

“Every dentist I remember from Massachusetts is like 90 years old, from my synagogue and has a hammer. And I get there and the door opens and I hear, ‘So I hear there is an emergency.’ And immediately I’m like, ‘He’s hot.’ I knew it. And my whole body was like, ‘Woah, there is a hot person and he just came into the room,'” the 36-year-old sighed. “He goes, ‘What’s wrong?’ And I go, ‘Nothing.’ (Meanwhile, I’m thinking), ‘Oh my God, I’m in my pyjamas, this isn’t how I want to meet my second husband!'”

Jenny was previously married to filmmaker Dean Fleischer-Camp and was recently in a relationship with actor Chris Evans, though they broke up in March.