Jenny Slate only buys soft foods over fear of choking


Jenny Slate is so scared of choking while living by herself that she only buys soft foods.

The 35-year-old actress appeared on Monday night’s (24Jul17) episode of The Late Late Show with James Corden and talked about living alone for the first time as an adult, sharing one of the fears she has about residing solo.

“I have my own house just for me. (It’s going) great; I will say I am afraid to choke to death,” she admitted. “And not because that’s… I mean, that’s a bad death I guess, also sort of a bummer – the end of the road. First of all, I find myself in the supermarket just wanting potato chips and popcorn but I just get yoghurts and puddings. I’m at home eating soft foods because I just want everything… (gestures food moving down her body) I just want it to go down.”

She also worries that the person who would have to rescue her would see the outfit she wears while home alone. Noting that she’d be found sat in front of the television with Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan movie You’ve Got Mail playing “on repeat”, Obvious Child star Jenny then revealed her amusing attire.

“It’s a large T-shirt with (Disney villain) Cruella de Vil on it, and of course zero bottom,” she deadpanned. “You’ve gotta be free at home.”

Fellow guest, Star Wars actor Mark Hamill, then suggested Jenny could “Heimlich herself” if she ever needed rescuing from choking, with Just Friends actress Anna Faris – who also appeared on the show – admitting she once had to do that herself.

Host James then suggested Mark get up and demonstrate the move himself, using the set sofa as his prop, and the actor proceeded to thrust himself against the furniture.

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