Jeremy Renner reaches new child support agreement with ex-wife – report

Jeremy Renner and his ex-wife Sonni Pacheco have reportedly reached a new agreement on child support for their five-year-old daughter Ava.
In 2015, The Avengers actor and Pacheco made a deal for him to hand over $13,000 (£9,050) every month in child support for Ava, as well as a lump sum every April for 5 per cent of his income in excess of $2,290,000 (£1,594,161).
According to The Blast, by the terms of the deal, Renner’s 2018 payment was set to be $292,000 (£203,267), and looked likely to get even higher for the coming years, given that the actor is now earning around $11 million (£7.6 million) a year.
However, the former couple have apparently now altered their agreement, so that Renner’s annual payments for 2018, 2019 and 2020 will not exceed $200,000 (£139,224). Any money Renner would have owed over this $200,000 will go into a separate investment fund for Ava, which she can access when she’s 27 years old.
As such, 2018 will see Renner hand over $200,000 to Pacheco, with $92,000 (£64,043) going into the account for Ava.
As part of the deal, Pacheco will also be required to hand over quarterly financial statements relating to Ava’s investment account.
Renner and Pacheco divorced in 2015 after just 11 months of marriage. While the actor is thrilled to be a father to Ava, he admitted in a recent interview with Men’s Journal magazine that he’d love to have more children – but can’t see it happening.
“I’d like to have eight running around,” he admitted. “But at this point … that’s not in my future.”
Explaining further, Jeremy said it’s because he doesn’t have a partner to have a child with, as he can’t see himself bringing a baby into the world while single.
“It takes two,” he mused. “Doing it alone is not fun. You want to share the experience. You kind of want a partner. I’ve done so many amazing, cool-a*s things in my life. But I think as we get older, there’s more value in doing something with somebody.”