Jerry Hall cut short 1990s TV chat over morning sickness

Former supermodel Jerry Hall was so ill with morning sickness when expecting her fourth child, she repeatedly walked out of a TV interview to vomit. The ex-wife of Sir Mick Jagger appeared on U.K. morning show The Big Breakfast in 1997 when she was pregnant with son Gabriel, her fourth child with The Rolling Stones frontman.
However, she left the show’s co-presenter Denise van Outen baffled with her short answers and repeated requests to visit the bathroom – and it was not until the two women signed up for reality show Strictly Come Dancing 15 years later in 2012 that Hall managed to apologise for her odd behaviour.
Van Outen tells British magazine Hello!, “When I interviewed Jerry Hall she was very, very short with me. She’d only give me one-word answers and kept nipping to the loo (bathroom). I thought she was rude, but I didn’t put two and two together that she’d just found out she was pregnant.
“When we met up again, on Strictly Come Dancing, she was so lovely. I mentioned it to her and she said, ‘Honey, I’m so embarrassed, but I couldn’t say anything, I was suffering from the worst morning sickness.'”