Jerry O’Connell fell for Rebecca Romijn while she was still married


Actor Jerry O’Connell fell in love at first sight when he met his now-wife Rebecca Romijn, even though she was married to John Stamos.

The Jerry Maguire star knew he had something special with Rebecca years before they started dating, but he couldn’t act on his impulses at the time because the blonde beauty was off the market.

“I met my wife and her ex John Stamos at a party when they were married,” he recalls in The Jess Cagle Interview. “I remember thinking, ‘Wow. This girl is really beautiful and funny.’ I talked to her the whole party. My wife remembers that party and remembers us clicking. We clicked. My wife and I clicked. We clicked the first time we met.”

Rebecca ended up splitting from John in 2004 after less than six years of marriage, and although she and Jerry began dating shortly afterwards, the actor insists there was no infidelity involved.

“Obviously, she was married, and I know shenanigans go on, but no shenanigans happened,” he claims. “But we clicked. Day one, we clicked.”

Rebecca’s divorce was finalised in 2005, and she became Mrs. Jerry O’Connell in 2007 – and the couple couldn’t be happier.

He adds, “I want to tell you this about my wife, and my wife says it funnier than I do, but we met. We started hanging out. I came for a sleepover… and I never left. That’s the truth. We just clicked.

“When you meet The One, you just know. It just happens. It happened pretty immediately.”
The stars, now parents to eight-year-old twin girls Dolly and Charlie, will celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary this July (17).

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