Jersey Shore star details prescription pill addiction

U.S. reality TV star Mike ‘The Situation’ Sorrentino sank so low in his battle with prescription drug addiction, he was unable to get out of bed and dress himself. The former Jersey Shore star enrolled in rehab last year (13) after becoming hooked on painkillers following an injury on TV talent contest Dancing With The Stars.
He has since kicked the habit using counselling and specialist medication, and now he has detailed the moment he realised he needed help.
Sorrentino tells the Associated Press, “All I had to do was get dressed for a family function and I couldn’t do that. The shirt was laid out, the belt, the pants, everything. The shower was on. I couldn’t even get out of bed. (I thought) ‘If I can’t do that how am I going to continue?’…
“People would say, ‘Mike’s not the same Mike we’ve seen before.’ (I was like) I don’t know what they’re talking about… I was suffering a disease.”
However, Sorrentino is adamant his addiction did not extend to alcohol or harder drugs: “Those rumours were definitely false. I didn’t mix anything.”
He adds of his recovery, “The roller coaster of fame and fortune is definitely a ride in itself but to get to recovery is something special… There is hope out there and you can get help.”