Jessica Chastain surprised by husband’s superstitious gestures


Jessica Chastain is baffled by some of her Italian husband’s superstitious gestures.

The Molly’s Game actress began dating fashion executive Gian Luca Passi de Preposulo in 2012, with the couple marrying in his homeland in June 2017.

While Jessica is now accustomed to Italian culture, she shared during an appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert on Monday night (25Jun18) that she finds a couple of his go-to gestures to be rather odd.

“There’s a lot of gestures that I’ve learned, not necessarily dirty, just surprising. Like Gian Luca’s sister, when she eats something really delicious, she goes like this (points to cheek),” she said. “And I’m a worrier and say things like, ‘I’m afraid if we drive too late we might get into a car accident.’ And then my husband, he always does this – he whistles and then grabs his testicles. I think a lot of Italians do it, it’s a thing. I don’t know what the whistling is? But he’s always really annoyed at me before he does it.”
Jessica went on to explain that she now speaks a “little bit” of Italian and took classes for about six weeks.

However, she has grown to understand some of the language over the years and now knows when her beau is speaking about her in his native tongue.

“This is my favourite part, whenever I hear my husband speaking on the phone, I’m starting to understand what he’s saying and he doesn’t know it,” the 41-year-old smiled. “We were having dinner with his father, and I was looking at something on the wall and his father asked in Italian to Gian Luca, ‘Is she OK?’ I was spacing out, everyone can space out and then Gian Luca goes, ‘Yeah, she has no idea what’s going on.’ I looked at both of them and went, ‘I know everything.'”

During the chat, Jessica also admitted that she was surprised to find that married life was “easy” after many people had warned her that being a newlywed could be challenging.