Jewellery designer Jenny Lauren arrested and charged over plane incident

Fashion mogul Ralph Lauren’s jewellery designer niece has been arrested after allegedly displaying drunken and abusive behaviour on board a flight from Barcelona, Spain to New York on Monday (06Jan14). Pilots of the Delta plane had to make an unscheduled stop in Shannon, Ireland to have Jenny Lauren escorted off the aircraft by police after she reportedly began hurling verbal insults at flight staff and her fellow passengers.
The 41 year old was arraigned before Judge Patrick Durcan in a makeshift court session, ironically based in a village pub, on Tuesday (07Jan14), when she was charged with making threats and abusive comments, exhibiting drunkenness severe enough to pose a danger to herself and others, and behaving in an obnoxious and offensive fashion.
Lauren, who did not enter a plea, was released on $3,400 (£2,270) bail after agreeing to surrender her American passport, remain at a nearby hotel and report to local authorities.
Her New York-based lawyers have since revealed she plans to plead guilty to all three counts during a court hearing in the town of Ennis on Wednesday (08Jan14).