Jewish Kat Graham to Celebrate Christmas with ‘Inclusive’ Relatives


Actress Kat Graham is having a “very worldly” holiday season this year by incorporating different cultural traditions into her family festivities.

The Vampire Diaries star is Jewish, but instead of focusing exclusively on Hanukkah, her relatives have opted to observe Christmas, too.

“We’re Jewish, but, we’re a very inclusive family and we also celebrate Christmas,” she told Us Weekly magazine.”We’re trying to have a very worldly, inspired Christmas, so we’re including things from all over the world… ornaments and stuff like that.”

Kat purchased most of her loved ones’ gifts online from the comfort of her home, and she is a huge fan of e-commerce websites like eBay.

“I feel like I stand with a lot of other women where we love to shop online,” she shared. “We shop on our phones. We shop on eBay. For me, eBay has always been where I go to find really amazing, cool gifts for my friends and my family.”

The star took advantage of the website’s Did You Check eBay? Holiday Airstream Tour, which saw representatives from the company travel across the U.S. in a vintage Airstream camping trailer offering a technologically-advanced way to shop for gifts using artificial intelligence.

But, after all the presents are opened, Kat plans to “sit at home and watch a bunch of Chevy Chase movies” while eating pie.

“I’m a big pie girl and I love, love food,” she gushed.