Jill Scott not responsible for estranged husband’s legal fees


R&B singer Jill Scott has scored a small legal victory in her bitter divorce battle with her estranged husband after a judge ruled their prenuptial agreement is still valid.

The Golden star filed for divorce from Mike Dobson, her husband of almost 15 months, in September (17), citing “irreconcilable differences and inappropriate marital conduct”.

She asked the judge to enforce their prenuptial agreement and filed for a restraining order, which was granted.

Dobson countersued and requested the agreement be voided because he was allegedly pressured to sign it without a lawyer. He wants their marital assets to be evenly split, and is seeking $500,000 for the alleged “pain and suffering” he experienced during their marriage. He has also asked for his legal fees to be covered.

The estranged couple headed to court over the dispute on Monday (20Mar18), when a judge denied Dobson’s request for $6,500 to pay for legal fees. The judge also ruled against voiding Scott and Dobson’s prenuptial agreement, in which spousal support is denied.

According to Bossip, the judge argued that making Scott pay Dobson’s legal fees would be similar to spousal support, but he denied the motion without prejudice, meaning Dobson can still seek financial support in the future.

At the hearing, Scott’s lawyer also revealed she gave her estranged husband $20,000 when they split.