Jo Dee Messina worried about mother’s hospital care

Country singer Jo Dee Messina turned to her fans for medical advice on Wednesday night (24Jul13) after growing dissatisfied with her mother’s hospital treatment. The 42-year-old’s mum Mary underwent life-saving open heart surgery in April (13) and the star rescheduled a number of shows in Canada the following month (May13) to stay by her her side.
Messina faced fresh heartache earlier this month (Jul13) when Mary was hospitalised with pneumonia, and singer reveals she fears for her wellbeing in the facility.
In a post on her Facebook page, she writes, “With exhaustion all politeness is pushed aside. Emotional stress makes u (you) do things you normally wouldn’t do… questioning ‘professionals’ while explaining what my mother needs and how shes responding to what they are doing to her.
“I want someone in this hospital to take more than 5 minutes to get to know my mother, not her symptoms. maybe explain to me why it is that my mother can no longer feed herself. What is causing her hands to shake uncontrollably? Is it the newest MEDS (medication) they’ve put her on for her confusion?
“The current staff has no idea that before she went into that hospital she was a fully functioning, independent woman. Cute, funny, sweet as can be. Truthfully, I don’t know that they care.”
Messina also uploaded a photograph of her mother’s arm, which appeared purple and bruised, and added, “I asked about this today. Why is my mothers arm like this? No explanation. So let me ask YOU my sweet loving followers. This is my mothers right arm. Does this look normal to you?”