Joanna Lumley’s reunion with Bangladeshi boy

Actress Joanna Lumley has had an emotional reunion with a Bangladeshi boy eight years after witnessing him seeing the world for the first time. The youngster, identified only as Arif, was born blind and had undergone a cataract operation, and his bandages were due to come off while the former Bond girl was on a humanitarian trip to the country in 2005.
She helped nurses remove the gauze from around his eyes and was snapped cheering with delight as the five year old observed the world around him for the first time.
Now the Absolutely Fabulous star has returned to the country’s capital Dhaka for a reunion with the now 13-year-old Arif, and she took along gifts including a soccer strip.
Lumley tells Hello! magazine, “I longed to see how he had grown up. And I was desperate to know I’d got the right-sized shirt. It was amazing because here was a little boy who’d have been at home doing nothing and now he’s in the sixth year in school. He told me he wants to study social sciences and help people. What a sweet boy.”