Jobs and Eisner feuding over “Toy Story” sequel

Pixar Chairman Steve Jobs is at odds with Disney Chairman Michael Eisner over a business matter that could prevent the production of another Toy Story sequel, the Los Angeles Times reported today.

At issue, said the newspaper, is a clause in the two companies’ deal that requires Pixar to deliver three more original films by 2005. Sequels don’t count as part of the deal, the Times said, noting that Jobs has asked Eisner to waive the no-sequel clause but that Eisner has refused.

Jobs told the Times: “The next three films are spoken for…. We wanted to make Toy Story 3, but in the current deal it’s not going to happen.”

Eisner declined to comment, but Disney animation chief Tom Schumacher told the Times: “The reality is everyone would like to make Toy Story 3. Pixar has one set of business issues they want to fulfill and we have another.”