Joe Manganiello spent first True Blood pay cheque on a trainer

Actor Joe Manganiello was forced to live off his savings while shooting the first season of hit U.S. TV show True Blood because he blew his entire pay cheque on a top fitness coach. The Magic Mike hunk landed the part of buff werewolf Alcide Herveaux in 2010, and because he was constantly forced to strip down in the fantasy drama, he used all his earnings to pay for a trainer to keep him in top shape.
He tells Men’s Fitness magazine, “All the money I was paid as a guest star that year – which was not a lot, after I’d paid out my expenses – I spent on training. I netted zero. I lived off my savings, hoping my car didn’t break down. I just put everything into seeing what I could actually do.”
And the 36 year old, who often works out six days a week, is still reaping the benefits from all his time spent in the gym: “A friend of mine and I were moving a refrigerator, and it fell down the stairs. I caught it – in the air – and put it down.”