Joe Manganiello Taking Up Kung Fu and Katana Training for ‘The Batman’

DC Comics / Wenn

Actor Joe Manganiello is mastering the art of Kung fu and training with katanas in preparation for his role as Deathstroke in forthcoming movie The Batman.

A start date for filming Ben Affleck’s comic book adaptation has yet to be set, but the Magic Mike star will be ready once cameras do start rolling, after taking lessons in various martial arts to portray the supervillain.

“My trainer and I have started putting together some workouts that are specific to the character and how I want the character to move,” he reveals to Robert Irvine Magazine. “It’s an incredibly athletic role so all of the training is very functional. I’ve also started Kung fu and chi gung training, and I’ve also started working with katanas.”

Asked how the new fighting skills are coming along, he replies, “I’m gonna be ready.”

Joe is working with top trainer Ron Mathews, a four-time champion at the challenging CrossFit Games event, to put him through his paces, and the actor admits the 47-year-old is one of his main fitness inspirations after turning 40 in December (16).

With Ron’s help, the star has found himself stronger than ever before, despite his advancing age.

“I can go harder than I’ve ever gone in the past in terms of cardio, the intensity is ratcheted up probably times 10,” he explains. “I’m lifting heavier than I ever was. I am constantly achieving new heights in terms of max.”

“I’m more mindful in terms of taking care of myself,” Joe notes of the differences in his workouts now compared to over a decade ago. “I’m definitely more mindful in terms of nutrition, proper rest. As far as physical or muscular maturity, I love this period of my life, this particular age.”

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