Joey Lawrence Has Had ‘Serious Talks’ About ‘Blossom’ Reboot


Actor Joey Lawrence has teased fans of his 1990s sitcom Blossom by confessing there have been “serious talks” to reboot the beloved series.

The Brotherly Love star shared the news during a pre-taped interview with Steve Harvey, which aired on Monday (11Dec17), admitting he and his onscreen sister Mayim Bialik would both jump at the opportunity to revisit their respective characters, Joey and Blossom Russo.

“There has been serious talk about it (a reboot), believe it or not,” Lawrence said. “Mayim and I have both said we’d be into it. We’ve talked to Don Reo about it, who created it. If there’s a way in, then I think we’re all down for it.”

The series, about the titular teen who has to navigate life with her dad and two older brothers, aired for five seasons until 1995, and also co-starred Jenna von Oy as Blossom’s best friend. The show also featured special appearances from Will Smith, David Spade, Phylicia Rashad, Mr. T., and the late Hugh Hefner.

If the sitcom does get the greenlight for a comeback, it’s not clear how Bialik would juggle her filming schedule with her current TV hit, The Big Bang Theory, but that hasn’t stopped Lawrence from floating a few ideas about how his slow-witted character may have developed.

Sharing his theory about Joey Russo becoming a washed-up sportsman, he explained, “The show ended where he went off to play baseball, he was a really good baseball player. So I think that he went, had a great career, probably got married several times, because he was always going on dates. And I think that he came home now for the first time, maybe his career is over, right?

“You know, his mid to late 30s, and (he’s) gotta find something else to do with his life. And, you know, he doesn’t have much to fall back on, because he’s not… (his) brain isn’t firing on all cylinders.”

Blossom won’t be the first ’90s show to get a reboot – Full House successfully relaunched last year (16) as Fuller House, while the cast of Roseanne is currently filming a new season of the comedy 20 years after it first went off-air.