John Barrymore III Attacked

Even if it’s a little-known Barrymore, when that name makes it into the news, you sit up and take notice.

This time around, it’s John Barrymore III–former actor, half-brother to actress Drew Barrymore and grandson of the legendary silent film star John Barrymore. He was attacked in his home in California by a group of teenagers looking to steal his marijuana plants, the police told The Associated Press on Sunday.

Police spokesman Jim Bennett told AP that Barrymore and his wife, Rebecca, were home Wednesday when six youths in a van pulled up to their house. When the Barrymores opened their door, they were beaten with a metal trailer hitch placed in a sock.

The teens fled without taking the marijuana and were arrested a few minutes later.

The San Jose Mercury News reported Barrymore, 47, required brain surgery Friday but was expected to recover.

Rebecca Barrymore, recovering at home, told the paper her husband kept the plants as medicinal use for migraine headaches.