John C. Reilly took over a floor of spooky hotel while filming in Italy


Actor John C. Reilly took over an entire floor of a spooky hotel while filming new movie The Little Hours in Tuscany, Italy.

Co-star Alison Brie reveals she and her castmates didn’t even know his floor existed until he invited them up for a party.

“There was a secret floor that John C. Reilly lived on!” she tells WENN. “We all had regular rooms and there wasn’t even his floor on the elevator that you could push a button to get to.

“You needed a special key to stop the elevator on that floor. We would get a password to go through some secret door to find the way to his room. He would have parties for the whole cast and crew. It was an entire floor and it felt haunted.”

All the cast stayed in the hotel while shooting the adaptation of Giovanni Boccaccio’s 14th century novella The Decameron, and Brie admits it was a really creepy place.

“It was up on a hill,” she recalls. “(Co-star) Molly (Shannon) said it was like the hotel in The Shining. It felt very vacant except for a couple of weekends where there were big conventions. It was very large with an indoor pool and it felt very Italian. You could stand above it and watch people swim.

“There was such a strange vibe about the place. Everything was very remote. You’d have to drive up this winding hill even from the entrance of the hotel grounds to where the hotel was. It was another 15 minute drive on winding roads to go to the nearest town. We really felt isolated in our hotel up on the hill.”

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