John Cena and fiancee working through ‘extreme low’ in relationship


Wrestler-turned-movie star John Cena is determined to fight for his relationship with fiancee Nikki Bella after confirming they are going through an “extreme low” in their romance.

The Trainwreck actor proposed to his fellow fighter in the ring at WWE’s Wrestlemania 33 event in Florida last April (17), but in a recently-released trailer for the third season of Nikki’s reality show, Total Bellas, the bride-to-be was featured in tears as she asked John, “Do we really wanna call this off?”.

The promotional teaser sparked speculation the couple was on the verge of a split, and although John admits they have been struggling through a rough patch, he has assured fans they are both committed to repairing their relationship so they can move forward together.

“I think in relationships, we have highs and lows, and that was an extreme low,” he shared on breakfast show Today. “You have two choices: we either jump ship and start a new relationship, or move forward and try to work through it. We’re gonna move forward and try to work through it.”

John reveals his “first instinct” was to have his emotional scene with Nikki cut from Total Bellas, but he eventually relented in the hopes of helping viewers deal with similar issues in their own lives.

“This is a tough moment for both of us, and it is really cruddy to be in that moment and have people around you (filming),” he explained, “but at the same time, if someone can watch it and maybe help someone in their journey, I guess that’s a good reason to capture it (on camera).”

Suggesting marriage plans are on hold as he and Nikki “both have some work to do” to repair their bond, John encouraged other couples not to “give up” on meaningful relationships.

“I’m determined through thick and thin to find a way to make it work…, because I absolutely love this woman,” John said. “All that stuff (romance highs and lows) is natural. Because a lot of stuff you see on TV is the good times with Nicole, there are bad times; there is troublesome things that happen (sic), but as a couple you want to try to work through it.”

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