John Krasinski following A Quiet Place with sci-fi thriller


Actor and filmmaker John Krasinski is re-teaming with the producers on his surprise horror hit A Quiet Place for a science-fiction thriller.

The terrifying movie, in which he also stars alongside his wife Emily Blunt, has proved a major hit, earning more than $50 million in North America over its opening weekend (06-08Apr18) – easily recouping its $17 million budget.

According to The Hollywood Reporter he is now looking to repeat the success by once again collaborating with its producers, Michael Bay, Andrew Form and Brad Fuller to make Life on Mars, a new movie set on the red planet.

The film is yet to have a script, but is based on Cecil Castellucci’s short story We Have Always Lived on Mars, which is set in a Martian colony left mostly abandoned after a cataclysmic event. It follows a female descendant of the original colonists who finds she can breathe the planet’s air.

Editors at the publication report that John is not planning to star in the project, but does have a producer’s credit as he found the story and brought it to Michael, Andrew and Brad’s Platinum Dunes company.

As yet there’s no word on who’ll be cast in the film, although when he spoke to WENN at A Quiet Place’s London premiere John gushed over his wife’s acting ability.

“Luckily when you’re working with her, I get to distance myself from my wife and just see all the performance that Emily Blunt can deliver,” he said. “I remember (Emily’s Mary Poppins Returns director) Rob Marshall saying, ‘You’ll see how good she is,’ and I said, ‘No, I know how good she is,’ and he said, ‘No you don’t, not until you’re in the room and she does what she does will you understand why she’s so good,’ and it’s so true.”

John, 38, isn’t quite ready to cast his and Emily’s kids Hazel, four, and 22-month-old Violet in his films though, saying he doesn’t want his family to double as a performing troupe “just yet”.