John Leguizamo becomes a piranha fan after fishing trip in Peru

Actor John Leguizamo has become a big fan of eating piranha after going fishing for the tiny omnivores during a recent trip to Peru. The Moulin Rouge! star took his family to South America to visit the Machu Picchu ruins and while they were in Peru, he decided to follow locals to the river.
He says, “You put a big chunk of beef on the end of a hook and you hit the water like an animal is dying.
“The guy who was separating the piranha from the hook was missing a couple of fingers, so I didn’t let my kids do that.
“And then they cook it for you; it tastes delicious – like trout.”
He also sampled “cocaine tea” during the trip to help him cope with altitude sickness on the journey to Machu Picchu, and adds, “It helps… You dip it in a bag… We did a lot of it.”