John Rich hosts fundraiser for mental health facility

Country singer John Rich hosted a special party at his home in Tennessee on Wednesday (12Jun13) to help boost donations for the construction of a mental health facility in Kentucky. The Intrepid Spirit 3 will provide services to members of the U.S. military suffering with brain injuries, anxiety disorders and related illnesses, and the Lost in This Moment hitmaker has made it his role to help as a fundraiser.
Rich opened the doors to his Tennessee pad to raise awareness of the Fort Campbell project after learning the hospital had fallen short of funds.
He tells The Tennessean, “There’s a really big gap in our system, the mental health of our returning war heroes. We all hear about the post-traumatic stress and all they go through, but I don’t think people understand the escalation it’s taking – two or three suicides per day, and it’s going up.
“Anybody that’s served will be able to walk through these doors and say, ‘I need help’, and it’s going to save lives and it’s going to save families. It’s the least we can do for the folks that go overseas and put it all out there and come back missing limbs or their minds are messed up a little bit and they just can’t get over that barrier.”
And the 39 year old reveals the centre’s mission is particularly near and dear to his heart because his grandfather served in World War II and later committed suicide due to his struggles with post-traumatic stress disorder.
He adds, “(He) killed himself in his front yard and left a note behind that said, ‘I just can’t stand it anymore’. The survivors’ guilt he was going through was unbearable. I gotta think that if a place like we’re trying to build still existed… my granddaddy might still be around.”