John Ritter’s Widow Still Feels Married to the Actor

John Ritter‘s widow Amy Yasbeck still refuses to date any men a year and a half
after her husband’s death–because she still feels “married” to the actor.

Yasbeck was devastated when an undetected tear in Ritter‘s aorta led to a
fatal heart attack in September 2003, and she still wears the wedding ring he
gave her as she remains committed to the beloved TV star.

She says, “I feel more married to John than ever.

“I still feel completely connected to him, so in love with him. I certainly
wouldn’t want to be the man who was compared to John Ritter through my eyes.”

Yasbeck, who married Ritter in 1999, also keeps her husband’s memory alive
for their six-year-old daughter Stella by teaching her to read via the computer
game version of the animated character he voiced, Clifford The Big Red Dog.

She adds, “It’s so weird hearing him talk to her.”

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