John Travolta conducts interview from his bed

John Travolta refused to get up to conduct an early morning interview with a U.K. radio station, so he spoke to the presenter from his bed. The Hollywood actor was booked to appear on a show with host Steve Wright last week (ends16Feb14), and he decided to conduct the chat over the phone from his home in Florida.
However, the interview fell at 6am local time, so Travolta stayed under the covers during the chat.
The actor told the host, “You caught me waking up… I’m waking up, I’m having coffee while I’m speaking to you. I am in bed. I have a proper tray with a silver (cup) of very strong coffee and some orange juice and I am sitting in bed talking to you… I’m cross legged on the bed and the tray is at my knees. Ive got the coffee right in front of me here…”
When probed further by Wright, Travolta joked, “Actually I’m naked right now.”