John Travolta Plotting New Father-Daughter Movie Project


John Travolta is planning to make a new movie with himself and his teenage daughter Ella Bleu in starring roles.

The Grease actor starred alongside his wife Kelly Preston in an upcoming biopic of New York mafia don John Gotti, with their 17-year-old daughter Ella cast in a minor role as Angel, the gangster’s daughter.

Now John says he’s planning to make a new movie, titled Poison Rose, in which Ella Bleu once again plays his daughter, but this time in a starring role.

“My daughter is stunning and we’re planning to do a movie together,” he told “Yes, called Poison Rose, and she plays my daughter, but I don’t know she’s my daughter… Although I look at her and she looks just like me, so it’s going to be hard to play that, but that’s next.”

John, 63, has a string of projects lined up for release in 2018, including the Gotti biopic, which was surprisingly delayed just before its December (17) premiere.

However, John says there’s nothing untoward about the postponement of the movie’s debut, explaining that a mystery financial backer had provided him with the funds to give the film a wider release this summer.

“If you want to know the absolute truth, I found an individual that was willing to finance it as a widely distributed film and so we pulled it from the distributor that had a limited market they were going to go for because it costs money to release a film widely these days – that’s the truth,” he revealed. “So in June, it gets to be for everybody, so yeah, I’m very excited about the possibilities of that film.”

In Gotti, John and Kelly play the lead roles of the notorious mobster and his wife Victoria alongside Stacy Keach and Pruitt Taylor Vince as Gotti’s underlings and Spencer Lofranco as his son.