John Turteltaub’s bad memories of Vegas strip club

Hollywood director John Turteltaub once spent $1,200 (£800) on a Las Vegas stripper without getting a lap dance. Turteltaub directs Michael Douglas, Robert De Niro and Morgan Freeman in buddy comedy Last Vegas but insists his own memories of life in Sin City are not pleasant.
The director enjoyed a civilised conversation with a dancer and even gave her a foot massage, but he was too scared of the venue’s security officers to argue when he was presented with a huge bill.
He tells Variety, “I spent $1,200. Instead of getting a lap dance from a stripper, I rubbed her feet and talked about where she wants to go to college… I didn’t want a lap dance. She sat down. I rubbed her feet. When I was done, they gave me a bill. What am I supposed to do? There are big scary men there.”