Johnny Depp’s Bad Film Day

So the insurance company might end up being the one who killed “Don Quixote” after all. Daily Variety reports that production for “The Man Who Killed Don Quixote” — the $32 million project directed by Terry Gilliam (“12 Monkeys“) and co-starring Johnny Depp — has been indefinitely halted after the film’s title character, French actor Jean Rochefort, dropped out of the picture due to a double disk hernia.

News of Rochefort‘s illness came only after three weeks of principal photography for the film. The 70-year-old French star might or might not return to the project pending his condition.

According to Variety, producers of the film are looking to restart production of the film in January. But with Rochefort possibly out of the picture for good and rescheduled shooting dates, the project stands the chance of also losing the rest of its cast and crew, including Depp and his girlfriend, Vanessa Paradis.

The film’s insurers have been called in to evaluate the financial losses of the project, and its fate, whether it will resume production or not, will be determined by the insurance report.

In the film, Rochefort plays the comedy’s title character, Spanish knight Don Quixote. Depp co-stars as a New York advertising exec who one day wakes up in another reality, where he has become Don Quixote’s deluded aide, Sancho Panza.