Johnny Depp wants mental health allegations struck from fraud lawsuit


Johnny Depp is fighting to have allegations he suffers from “psychological issues” and a “compulsive spending disorder” struck from the record in his ongoing legal battle with his former business managers.

The Pirates of the Caribbean star has been locked in a bitter lawsuit with Joel and Robert Mandel from The Management Group (TMG) since January (17), when he sued them for fraud and negligence, claiming their mishandling of his finances had caused him to run up debts of more than $40 million.

TMG bosses are countersuing, insisting Depp’s excessive spending habits and lavish lifestyle are to blame for his financial woes, and to prove their point, they have been sharing details of his costly purchases in various court filings.

Earlier this month (Jul17), a Los Angeles judge ruled the way the actor spent his money had “no relevance” to the main dispute at the centre of the case, regarding funds Depp maintains he is owed by the Mandels, and now he wants further “irrelevant and improper” statements made in TMG’s latest filing last week (ends21Jul17) to be dismissed.

According to documents obtained by the Mail Online, Depp claims TMG executives are using the 28-page response to his lawsuit to “viciously attack” him in public, insisting the “inflammatory material” they have added about his past purchases and alleged mental wellbeing are simply “a vehicle for distracting from the main issues of the case”.

Depp’s lawyers want TMG chiefs to amend their response to leave out the additional background information, but representatives for the defendants insist they will not back down.

A TMG spokesperson tells ABC News: “Johnny Depp is doing everything possible to prevent the truth from coming out. The claims against TMG are fictitious and he knows it.”

A motion hearing is set to take place in November (17), while the case will go before a jury in January, 2018.

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