Jolie: ‘My kids help me shed hard shell’

The Changeling star has been harshly portrayed by the media ever since her blossoming romance with Brad Pitt sparked the end of the actor’s marriage with then-wife Jennifer Aniston in 2004.

And Jolie admits she can really relate to her strong-willed animated character Tigress in the new film Kung Fu Panda 2 because she too has struggled to communicate love and warmth.

She says, “I like her, I have her weakness too. She’s tough but sometimes she doesn’t know how to be soft, and my kids have certainly helped with that too. To get me a little softer, because I have a little bit of a hard shell sometimes.”

But her kids not only light up her life – they lit up her work day on the sequel’s film set.

She adds, “It’s the cushiest job in the world. You can bring your kids, you can go in your pyjamas, (director) Jennifer (Yuh)’s really good about whatever you want to order for lunch, so you end up ordering pizza with your kids, snacking – it’s great.”