Jon Cryer credits Charlie Sheen with Emmy win

The Platoon star was fired from the hit TV show last year (11) after feuding with producers, and Hollywood actor Ashton Kutcher stepped in to fill the void.

Cryer took home the honour of Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series at the Emmy Awards in Los Angeles on Sunday night (23Sep12) after previously wining in the supporting actor category, and he is convinced the cast swap after Sheen’s exit has finally given him the chance to shine.

He tells the Los Angeles Times, “When Charlie and I were going on the show together, the show really rested on Charlie. The show was really structured around his character, so it was silly for me to be in the lead character (category). That’s changed. It’s more of a partnership (with Kutcher now).”

Cryer goes on to reveal he feared the show would fail without Sheen, but is delighted with its continued success.

He adds, “That it has (continued successfully) is amazing to begin with. And that (my Emmy win) has happened is ridiculous.”