Jon Hamm Is The Best Neighbor Ever, Saves 90-Year-Old Man’s Life

Jon Hamm

Former Mad Men star Jon Hamm turned hero when an elderly neighbor fell from a ladder – and may have saved the guy’s life with his cub scout training.

The actor reveals he was out in his garden when he heard a clatter and a cry for help from the other side of the fence and peered over to find his 90-year-old neighbor lying on the ground in a pool of blood.

“He had fallen off of the ladder and threw his head onto the driveway and was bleeding all the way down the driveway,” Jon tells The Hollywood Reporter.

“I was like, ‘What happened?’ I just (jumped) over the thing (fence) and I’m thinking, ‘Cub scouts, what do you do?’ I got him untangled from the ladder and (took) all of the tree branches off of him, and I undid his collar and I put some stuff on his head to put pressure on it.”

“He didn’t speak English so I was having a hard time explaining to him, ‘Breathe, breathe, breathe’. And the ambulance came and took him away. He was fine, thank God, but it was terrifying.”

Hamm’s quick thinking made him even more of a popular neighbor than he is already.

“I have very good relationships with my neighbors,” he boasts. “They like me a lot.”