Jones credits Bowie’s violent film collection for directing career

The film-maker was subjected to adult content as a pre-teen under the watchful guidance of his father, and Jones believes it was a huge influence on his two stylish futuristic movies – the critically lauded Moon and recent thriller Source Code.

He says, “Dad introduced me to Fritz Lang’s Metropolis and the original Baron Munchausen. He’d say, ‘You’ll love this! It’s amazing – you haven’t seen anything like it before.’ I was eight when he showed me A Clockwork Orange. I remember him sitting with me on the sofa with his arm around me, explaining everything… He was very responsible about it and he knew what he was doing.”

Despite the film’s brutal and violent tone, which led to director Stanley Kubrick later withdrawing the movie from British cinemas over fears of copycat crimes, Jones was thankful for the film lessons as it led to him making his own movies.

He adds, “He taught me, in a lovely way, the basics of making a movie, like how to do storyboards, write a script, do the lighting.”