Jordan Peele gave Lupita Nyong’o a real scare during Us maze scene

Lupita Nyong’o was given a real fright on the set of hit horror movie Us, thanks to her director Jordan Peele.
The Oscar winner features alongside her Black Panther co-star Winston Duke as parents of a vacationing family terrorised by demon lookalikes, roles which required them to take on double duty.
Lupita, who is a big fan of the horror genre, insists there was little about the project itself which really scared her, except when Peele jumped out at her unexpectedly in the middle of a shoot.
“I was the thing that I was afraid of, so I didn’t have another human being that was being sinister and trying to scare me on purpose, whose job it was to scare me,” she reflected on U.S. breakfast show Sunday Today. “But I will say that Jordan Peele once went out of his way to scare me.
“I was doing this scene where I was going through a maze of some type and he waited, he lay in waiting at the end of that maze and jumped out at me! And then he swore he’d never do it again!”
It wasn’t the only time Peele made Lupita jump – the filmmaker had also given the lead actors a list of classic horror movies to watch to give them a feel for what he had in store for his new project, and one of them really freaked the 36 year old out.
“They went in order from the mildest to the most intense,” she told Good Morning America, “and the last one was Martyrs and it had a little footnote: ‘Enter at your own risk!’
“I saved it for last… I never did my homework alone; I always had a friend over that I bribed… and at the end of it, my friend said, ‘OK, I’m going home’, and I just started to cry because I was just so scared of being alone.”
And Lupita’s fears were justified, because Pascal Laugier’s 2008 release, which he remade with Troian Bellisario, Bailey Noble and Kate Burton in 2015, was the ultimate scary movie: “Do not watch it,” she warned. “Do not do that to yourself!”